You identify yourself
using your internet bank.

By using our services you don’t have to bother sending in copies of your passport,
of your bills and of other documents in order to confirm your identity.


From a drop-down list you should select your bank. The bank can be pre-selected by your vendor already.


Login to your internet bank using your preferred authentication method and credentials provided by your bank. You are essentially doing the exactly same thing as login to your internet bank.


Usually in a matter of 1-2 minutes all financial identification process is done. All you need is a bank account.


Idencion is as safe as your internet bank and you never have to give away sensitive information liable to be wrongly used by a third party.
Idencion will never store your credentials, will safely, securely and directly forward it to your internet bank.


The service is as easy to use as your internet bank.
You’re going to feel at home when using Idencion.


No more trouble scanning your passport, your bills or other documents in order to confirm your identity.
A one-time connection to your internet bank solves it all.